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For CajunCodfest 2.0 for 2013 sees the band back together as The New Oldschoolers 2.0.  We won two categories this year, Best Start-up Potenial Award and Best use of Microsoft HealthVault.  We took Geoff Daily's (new team member) idea of tracking chronic symptoms and created "Symphony - Sound Sympton Tracking".  We are still looking at a possible commercial release of Symphony before the end of the year after we get PlayGauge through Phase I development.  This year the CajunCodeFest was again a huge success with over 200 people in attendance. The event had 135 participants from two countries.  Bryan Sivak, Chief Technology Officer, US Dept. of Health and Hospitals was in attendance for the event.  Here was our 2013 Presentation.
L-R) Bill Fenstermaker, Presenter; Luke Ashworth-Sides, Reza Jelveh, Bob Miller, Josh Bain, Keven Webb, Geoff Daily, Clay Allen, Presenter;
L-R) Geoff Daily, Reza Jelveh, Bob Miller, Luke Ashworth-Sides, Josh Bain, Keven Webb, Bill Fenstermaker (Presenter), Sean Nolan from Microsoft (Presenter).