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L-R) Bill Fenstermaker, Presenter; Luke Ashworth-Sides, Reza Jelveh, Bob Miller, Josh Bain, Keven Webb, Geoff Daily, Clay Allen, Presenter;
L-R) Geoff Daily, Reza Jelveh, Bob Miller, Luke Ashworth-Sides, Josh Bain, Keven Webb, Bill Fenstermaker (Presenter), Sean Nolan from Microsoft (Presenter).
As we get ready for Cajun Codefest 3.0 this year, I thought I would do something a little different.  This year I am going to do a video session called "HACKED Cajun Codefest 3.0".  In this session I will lay out how our team The New Old Schoolers 3.0 approach and manage coding competitions.  I have been asked why I would do such a thing?  Clue everybody in on how to beat you?  The point is not about winning or losing.  Yes we love to compete.  And we love to win.  But my krewe has had some serious jobs during our career that involved killer pressure to perform.  We're the weird group that LIKES pressure.  We run TOWARD the technical bullets.  And we are confident in our abilities both individually and as a team.  I want to share that with you.  I want you to feel what it's like to really work as a team.  So if I can help you enjoy Codefest by sharing a framework that has won over and over and built some relationships that have lasted decades, it sure seemed like the right thing to do.  So join me at my session Cajun Codefest 3.0 Hacked.  I am certain you will learn something you did not know that will make you a better team and member.